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Welcome to our homepage. This is the place where you will come across books based on a variety of subjects such as humor, jokes, fun and games. Did you guys ever wonder ‘What actually happened to Common Sense?’

Most of us keep wondering how people end up doing stupid yet funny things and where did their brains disappear during such times. Well, that is what we call as humor. At times, it is great to be part of this humorous world where you find people ignorant, stupid and hypocritical. At times, we end up laughing seeing the seriousness of the nature of these people as though they are completely unaware of what they are upto.

Some of the books might not be funny at all, yet we enjoy reading these books. By reading books and websites on this concept, you can have a idea what we mean by humor and jokes and how people can really tend to get that stupid. We must also remember that there are humor and joke sites for both children as well as adults. Some of the categories you can find in humor are fiction, limericks, hunting, puns, political, rural life, science, word play, sports, sex, love etc. Each of these categories will have its own sub-category.

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